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Industrial Record No. 1
Our facility started its activity since the beginning of the year 1976 with manufacturing ventilation holes made of imported aluminum, and among the interpreters of companies in this field in the Middle East region, and the first in the Syrian Arab Republic.
Our facilities also meet the needs of the country and abroad with all the requirements of major projects and facilities thanks to the large production capacity that we distinguish with attention to the most accurate high quality differentials and the length of time and our long history attests to that.
Our facility has followed the specifications of major international companies in this field and has developed these specifications in a way that suits the local and surrounding market.
And she continued to follow global developments to add her to our many products and she got a certificate:
- ISO 9001
- UL, 555 fire resistance standard
To become one of the leading international companies in this field.
Our facility thanks its valued customers for their great support and their high confidence in us for many years. They follow up and persevere in everything that is new and developed.